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5 Must-Haves for a Professional Cleaning Kit

The phrase ‘professional cleaning’ usually refers to the professional services offered by the house cleaning pros. However, if you want to manage the job yourself, and that too in a professional fashion, you need to be a little more organized than you usually are. This is because cleaning your home is in itself so complicated a job that you may wind up doing the same thing time and again and getting exhausted in the process. If you want to clean your home smartly and without comprising your leisure time too much, you need to carry all the essentials for cleaning your home. Here below is a list of tools that you must have in your tool box to manage cleaning your home efficiently and perfectly.

Dusting cloth

Many homeowners use a cloth or feather duster for cleaning their homes. However, if the duster is dirtier than the furniture items, there’s no point mopping up the surfaces with it. Vacuum the duster after every cleaning job and make sure it is clean enough. By using a clean duster, you will be able to square away more dirt in one go. A duster is a must-have for your house cleaning toolbox.


Sponges are great for light cleaning. These are more eco-friendly and less expensive than paper napkins and towels. Make sure that your tool box contains loads of sponges and use these more often than not. Clean the sponges when you are done in soapy water and dry them in a microwave. Sponges are reusable. However, you should not use these items for more than one month.

Power Washer

Many homeowners think only of the interior of their house when they think about cleaning. However, cleaning the exterior of your home is just as important. Luckily, you really only need one big tool to do that properly: a power washer. A power washer can be used to clean your roof, windows, siding, doors, and driveway. By cleaning these items at least once a year, you can prevent mold and algae from building up on them and causing them to rot. For more information on cleaning the exterior of your house, check out some of the articles on

Microfibre cloths

MicrofiberMicrofibre cloths come with soft and tight-spaced hairs that can easily grab dust particles and retain them. For cleaning electronic appliances at your home, you should almost always use microfibre cloths. Everything from your Plasma TV to your laptop should be cleaned using a microfibre cloth. These tools are handy and won’t occupy a lot of space in your tool box. Plus, they are easily washable.

Vacuum cleaner

Brooms and other cleaning implements may come in handy in some instances, but you cannot gather dust very well without a vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuum cleaners are great tools when it comes to home cleaning. You can save a lot of effort by using these cleaners.

Do you need professional help?

If you cannot manage the job of home cleaning yourself because you are just too lazy or too busy for taking time out to do the job, you should look for professional home and office cleaning service providers. Look for professional cleaning tips and advice online and hire professionals to get the job done.